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Civil Defense Perspectives
Five Year Newsletter Archive



1601 N Tucson Blvd #9, Tucson AZ 85716 1999 Physicians for Civil Defense

Thirteen Year Newsletter Archive

This site is the home of an invaluable 12 year archive the Civil Defense Perspectives Newsletter by Physicians for Civil Defense, authored by Jane Orient. It features issues such as: "Rogue Missiles" and "The Really Big Threats."

Written by Dr. Jane Orient, this website includes the full 13 year newsletter archive from March 1990 to the present. 

Subscription information can be had by writing to 1601 N Tucson Blvd #9, Tucson AZ 85716.

This website is also available on the Fighting Chance DVD along with the additional 10 years of worth of conference tapes from the annual DDP Meetings.  There are 150 MP3 files on just about every topic imaginable related to disaster preparedness by the world's leading experts.  You can purchase this DVD by clicking here.

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