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Fighting Chance Archive



The world's premiere civil-defense report is here: Fighting Chance by Dr Arthur B Robinson.

This report is a part of the non-profit civil defense effort Fighting Chance initiated by Arthur Robinson and Gary North in their book Fighting Chance. The Fighting Chance homeland defense project was started in 1986 and has about 7000 supporters in the United States and Canada and a few in other countries.

The Fighting Chance project carries out civil defense research, publishes educational materials about personal defenses against nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, or ganizes local civil defense groups, and contributes research and information for national civil defense efforts.

Fighting Chance is strictly a non-profit effort. It does not sell civil defense equipment or supplies, but its publications provide information about the most cost-effective sources for these items as well as advice, shelter plans, and survival information.

The book publication and research and engineering aspects of Fighting Chance and the publication of shelter designs and other technical information are projects of the Oregon In stitute of Science and Medicine, a 501 (c)3 public foundation. Donations to this project are tax deductible: Fighting Chance, P.O. Box 1279, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523.

Also available is the Fighting Chance book in its entirety.  The civil defense shelters recommended in this book would protect the American people from fallout from nuclear power plant accidents, tornados, future chemical or biological accidents or warfare, and some types of terrorist threats.

Also recently released is the Fighting Chance DVD set of 8 full length DVDs.

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