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Fighting Chance
10 Feet to Survival

Twenty-eight percent of the world's population has civil defense shelters including the residents of Switzerland, China, and the Soviet Union. American citizens have none. Therefore, three and a half centuries of American history could end thirty minutes after the Soviet general staff pushes a few but tons.

And we are here to tell you, it doesn't have to happen. There is a way to change the catastrophic outcome.

The civil defense shelters recommended in this book would also protect the American people from fallout from nuclear power plant accidents, tornados, future chemical or biological accidents or warfare, and some types of terrorist threats.

We spend $300 billion on our military each year. Less than one year of that budget would build a for midable civil defense and strategic defense with off-the-shelf technology Śnow. Less than 10% of that budget each year would support the research, development, and deployment of advanced strategic de fense systemsŚlater. We need defenseŚnow and later. At present, we are wasting most of that $300 billion each year, assuming that remaining vulnerable year after year to a first strike constitutes wasted defense money. We are defenseless. So are our soldiers and our sailors.

The United States, our civilization, and our children and grandchildren could easily perish if we do not immediately defend ourselves. We must build a civil defense and a strategic defense. We must also build a defense of truth against the myths about nuclear war. These myths have led, in part, to our present predicament.

10 Feet to Survival

Everyone knows that civil defense is boring.  Civil defense is bomb shelters and stored food and  medical kits. Civil defense doesn't have laser weapons, or satellites in outer space, or even guerrilla warfare. Hollywood isn't going to make a movie about a teenage computer whiz who breaks into a civil defense computer and nearly starts World War III.
Civil defense doesn't have a computer to break into.

Yes, civil defense is boring. It's boring until the day the air raid sirens sound, and you finally ask yourself the 64-billion-dollar question: "What do we do now?"

This book answers this question.

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Fighting Chance - 10 Feet to Survival - A Civil Defense Advocacy book

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