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Fighting Chance
 • The complete archive of the top civil defense newsletter ever published,...
 • Table of Contents


The complete archive of the top civil defense newsletter ever published, Fighting Chance, by Dr. Arthur Robinson is presented here, fully searchable as well.

We now live in the nuclear age. For those who understand and accept this fact, nuclear science can provide prosperity, longevity, wealth, defense, knowledge, and a general in crease in the quality of life far beyond that possible in the non-nuclear age which preceded this one. Defense and knowledge are essential to the preservation of our freedom. For those, however, who live in the past and to avoid nuclear science, the future will bring poverty, slavery, and an early death.

A vocal minority of political agitators and propagandists have, during the last 25 years, tried to force the American people to live in the past. These propagandists have lied about nuclear science. Since nuclear science is a new and specialized subject, its truths are beyond the common intuitive experiences of most people. The lies, therefore, have been easily spread and have misled many people.

The effects of these lies have served, in part, to decrease our wealth and have deprived us of certain life-saving technologies. Since Americans are already wealthy and relatively healthy as a result of the accomplishments of previous generations, unrealized new prosperity is not as evident.

Electricity generated by nuclear energy is one example. Adequate nuclear power would free us from the costs and uncertainties of foreign oil imports. Nuclear electric plants are 
far the safest and potentially the most economical large-scale producers of electric power. Our domestic fuel and energy costs and our pollution and labor-related illnesses and injuries are higher than they should be.

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Table of Contents

Frauds of the Nuclear Age
1. Nuclear Winter: A Nuclear Snow Job
2. Genetically Deformed Children and Cancer
3. A Reverse Fraud
4. Conventional Weapons in the Nuclear Age

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 1
Permanent Blast Shelters
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Public Shelters
What is Fighting Chance?
Emergency Kits
Inserts in the Fighting Chance

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 2
Shelter Entryways
Radiation Barriers
Military Death Traps
Fighting Chance Vs. Appeasement
Hostage Deals With Evil

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 3
Wild Cards
One More Deal
Direct Mail
Shelter Installation
Save Our Troops

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 4
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Survivability and Politics
Rogue Valley Civil Defense Council
Why Do We Need Civil Defense?
Civil Defense and General Defense
Moral Bankruptcy
Political Soap Operas
Furnishing Your Shelter

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 5
Grass Roots Civil Defense
In From the Cold: "Nuclear Winter"
Dr. Petr Beckmann
Sober Facts About Nuclear War
Why? By Petr Beckman
Fourth Printing of Fighting Chance
Bumper Stickers
Should the School Board Be Recalled?
Shelter Tanks

Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 6
George Washington At Valley Forge
The Uncommon Man
The Resolute Leader
The Man of God
Hamburg Firestorm Air Raid
God Will Take Care of Me
Community Action
Lies in the Classrooms
Soviets Contribute to American Civil
Shelter Ventilation Pumps and Filters
Nuclear Insurance

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 7
The Probability of War
Dr Jane Orient
Star Wars: the Downfall of Goliath?
Nuclear War: the Ethics of Nontreatment
School Board Rejects Civil Defense
Radiation and Cancer
Requirements for Assured Destruction
Shelter Design Plans

Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 8
Sense of the Senate
National Food Reserve
$300 Billion
LUWA Ventilation Units
Jackson County Civil Defense Council
Greed and Fear
American Homeland Defense Alliance

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 9
Fools Mate
Civil Defense and Strategic Defense
Swiss Civil Defense
Soviet Civil Defense
Food Reserves
Emergency Management
Economic Fear
On the Agenda

Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 10
Hostage Deal
Shelter Installation Safety
Steel Shelter Video
Montanans for Civil Defense
Surgical Instruments
House Resolutions 311 and 312
Patrick Henry

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 11
Living With the Nuclear Age
Bureaucracy Vs. Civil Defense
Dr. Jane Orient Video Tape
Senate Resolution 314
Jackson County Mobile Shelter
Blast Test
Fallout Shelter Signs
Nuclear Fall
Rudyard Kipling

Newsletter Vol. I, No. 12
Direct Current Generator
Shelter Ventilation and Morality
Fluid Replacement
Better A Shield Than A Sword
Physicians for Social Responsibility

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 1
Vitamin C
Ground Bursts Or Air Bursts
One At A Time

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 2
A Remnant or a Republic?
Petition in Support of American Civil
Canvassing the Kids
American Soil
The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
Civil Defense - the Superior Technology
Shelter Alternatives

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 3
Senate Resolution 314 and the Petition
Phyllis Schlafly Report
Fighting Chance Books
Picket the Pentagon
Caldicott Strikes Again
Costs of Self-Help Civil Defense
Effective Insurance
Video Tapes
Nuclear War Survival Skills Video

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 4 .
The Winning Side
The Commissar
Potassium Iodide
Surplus Steel Tanks for Shelters
Emergency Power
Churches Picketing Churches ?
Kearny Fallout Meter
Up to Date
Time for Americans
Mobile Shelter Display

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 5
Related Issues
TACDA and DDP Meet in October
Food for Kids
Protective Garments
Water in Your Shelter
Fighting Chance Commercial Policy
Weapons and Hope
Picketing the Pentagon

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 6
Oregon State Nuclear Age Curriculum
Expedient Shelters
Water Filters
Defending Your Shelter
Trend Analysis
Potassium Iodide
Food Storage
Storage Space

Laurelee and Art Robinson -- September 7, 1988

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 7
Mobile Shelter Goes to Washington
New Printing of Nuclear War Survival
A Moral Imperative
Public Opinion
A Proposal for 1989
A Real United States Civil Defense

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 8
The Lesson of Afghanistan
Soviet Civil Defense Video Tapes
Dishonesty in the Oregon Governor's
World Class Survivalism
A Basic Medical Kit for A 10-20 Person
Prescription Drugs
Oral Fluid Replacement

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 9
Emergency Disaster Hospitals
National Emergency Training Center
Salem PSR
Fact Free Education
Soviet Civil Defense Video Tapes
Shelter Costs
Fighting Chance Newsletter Schedule
Telephone Tree
Senate Resolution 22

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 10
The Real Opposition to American Homeland Defense
New Myths
Trusting Gorbachev
Shelter Lighting
Jane Orient Videotape
More Video Tapes
A Ready Shelter
LUWA Blast Valve Installation

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 11
The Unaffordable Mistake
Mobile Shelter Displays
Laurelee Robinson Honored
Carbon Dioxide in Your Shelter
The Conquest of Europe ?
Newsletter Schedule
Telephone Tree
The Truce of the Bear

Newsletter Vol. II, No. 12
Shelter Construction
Civil Defense Posters
Charging Small Batteries
FEMA Honors Laurelee Robinson
DDP Joins Mobile Shelter Project
Fear and FEMA
Arms and Appearances
Profit in Crisis
Video Tapes
Contrary Opinion
Civil Defense and Civil War

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 1
American Legion Civil Defense Tour
The Environmentalist War
Shelters in the Sand
Food Storage
Chemical Warfare
Surprise Nuclear War
Shelter Furniture

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 2
Allentown Fair
Brilliant Pebble
Potassium Iodide
Emergency Supplies
Physicians for Civil Defense
More Mobile Shelter Displays
Mobile Shelter Video Tape
Miniature Shelter

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 3
Rifle Bags
Offense and Defense
Self Rescue
Perception Vs. Reality
Fuel Air Explosives

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 4
Economics of Survival
Shelters and Conventional Explosives
Shelter Construction
Rifle Protectors
Telephone Tree
Shelter Hammocks
DDP Meeting
DDP Newsletter
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 5
Civil War in the Soviet Union
Arizona Mobile Shelter Display
DDP Meeting Adds Outstanding
Parades and Mobile Shelter Displays
Civil Defense Newsletter
Very Long Term Storage
Science and Medicine
Quantitative Measurement of Human

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 6
America's Enemies Vs. the Bible and Science
Plywood Shelter Ventilation Pump
Emergency Shower and Decontamination Room
More Rifle Bags
Protection of Shelters From Electrolysis
Fighting Chance Shelter Display Park

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 7
The American Republic Vs. the New World Order
Pseudoenvironmentalist Madness
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Chapter 11 in the Soviet Union
Arizona Mobile Display

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 8
Biological Weapons
Food for Ivan
Nerve Gas
Warning Time for Shelter Occupancy
Sir Isaac Newton's Book About Prophecy
Strategic Defense and Civil Defense
Food Storage and FEMA
Laurelee's Chapel

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 9
Global Lies
Global Temperature and Sea Levels

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 10
Quality of Human Life
Corrugated Steel Shelters
Optimum Life Vs. Minimum Suffering
DDP Meeting
Emergency Electricity

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 11
Tax Supported Violence
Facts and Fancies of U.S. Nuclear Defense
DDP and TACDA Meetings
Environmental Pollution
American Civil Defense Prospects in 1993
Health Reform
Carbon Dioxide

Newsletter Vol. III, No. 12
Christian Children - Robinson Curriculum

Newsletter Vol. IV, No. 1
The Uncertain Future
The Clinton Pandemic
Home School Testing
Home School Literature Curriculum
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Access to Energy
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Carbon Dioxide
Family Civil Defense Shelter

Newsletter Vol. IV, No. 2
Auctioning America
Cycles and Trends
Emergency Radio Communications
Firearms Training
Fighting Chance Project
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Carbon Dioxide and Degenerative Disease
Optimum Nutrition
Home School Curriculum Project

Newsletter Vol. IV, No. 3
Civil Defense in 1994
Radiation Measurement
The Death of Socialism in Education
Home Schooled Higher Education
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Carbon Dioxide and Animal Health
Molecular Clocks

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