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Nuclear War Survival Skills


Nuclear War Survival Skills
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This website presents the book Nuclear War Survival Skills in an online version.  Published by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine this book present expedient survival skills that can be accomplished without special skills by ordinary people.

The online version is unique in that it presents a special foreword by Dr. Edward Teller for the electronic version.  There is also a special Letter to the American People from Cresson Kearny, the author, updating the use of the book in terms of the new threat of nuclear terrorism.

The book is also available for $19.75 from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.  As a special bonus with your order you get the 2 most recent issues of the hot newsletter Access to Energy.

Nuclear War Survival Skills videos are now available as on DVD as part of the 8 Full Length Civil Defense DVD Set.  Here is the description from the cover of the DVDs.

The book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny with over 400,000 copies in print is the authoritative text on expedient survival during nuclear war. Acclaimed by nuclear defense experts throughout the world, Nuclear War Survival Skills should be in every American home and place of business. It should be a part of all civilian and military defense preparation.

Now the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which distributes extensive written, audio, and video information on expedient and permanent civil defense procedures and preparations, has produced this four part series in which the field tested instructions in Nuclear War Survival Skills and facts about nuclear weapons effects are demonstrated by civil defense volunteers including demonstrations and explanations by Cresson H. Kearny.

Shelter construction and ventilation, water purification, food preparation, radiation monitoring and many other life-saving procedures - these essential survival skills are performed just as they would be to save lives in a real nuclear emergency. This is six hours of video viewing that should be experienced by every American family.

Part 1 : Expedient Blast and Radiation Shelters (102 minutes)

Part 2 : Shelter Ventilation and Various Other Survival Skills (78 minutes)

Part 3 : Home-makeable and Commercial Fallout Radiation Meters (117 minutes)

Part 4 : Nuclear War Facts as Told to Teenagers (74 minutes)

Order the NWSS book or the DVD set.

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