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Nuclear War Survival Skills
 • In the interest of providing proven life saving civil defense materials we are&...
 • Acclaim for Nuclear War Survival Skills


In the interest of providing proven life saving civil defense materials we are making available Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny.

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The book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny with over 400,000 copies in print is the authoritative text on expedient survival during nuclear war. Acclaimed by nuclear defense experts throughout the world, Nuclear War Survival Skills should be in every American home and place of business. It should be a part of all civilian and military defense preparation.

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NWSS Printed Book
Nuclear War Survival Skills



Acclaim for Nuclear War Survival Skills

"I do not understand or accept the morality of a policy which requires that the lives of innocent children, women and men, whether Soviet or American, be held hostage to the political power and authority of the leaders of either nation. I think it immoral far national leadership to fail to plan for national survival and population protection."

Bardyl Tirana, Director of the
Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
during the Carter Administration


This updated and expanded edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills gives instructions that have enabled untrained Americans to make high-protection-factor expedient shelters, efficient air pumps to ventilate and cool shelters, the only homemakable fallout radiation meter that is accurate and dependable, and other life-support equipment. There instructions have been developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory civil defense researchers and others over the past 14 years. and have been field-tested repeatedly tinder simulated crisis condition.

Over 400,000 privately reproduced copies of the original 1979 Oak Ridge National Laboratory edition have been sold.

You and your family can improve your chances of surviving during and af ter a nuclear attack by learning tile nuclear facts and following the self-help instructions given in this book.

Cresson Kearny is the leading inventor and field-tester of self-help survival equipment, He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering horn Princeton University and two Honours degrees from Oxford where he Studied as a Rhodes Scholar, &fore and during World War II Kearny pioneered the development and testing ot jungle combat equipment, In 1964 he initialed self-help civil defense research at Oak Ridge National laboratory that he has continued in many states and several countries.


"This book takes a long overdue step in educating the American people. It does not suggest that survival is easy. It does not prove that national survival is possible.  But it can save lives and it will stimulate thought and action which will be crucial in our two main purposes: to preserve freedom and to avoid war."

Dr. Edward Teller


"Readers will be astonished at the wide variety, of the problems which have excited his enquiry and the cunning simplicity of some of his solutions There is no other book which offers so rounded a view of this large subject nor any on a smaller scale which one could recommend with so few reservations."

Journal of the Institute
of Civil Defence
, London





Civil Defense Consultant, Retired

P.O. Box 92
Montrose, Colorado 81402


Dear reader,

   At the time I developed the Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM) with help from U.S. Department of Energy scientists and engineers, we did not address the issue of nuclear terrorism.  We were so concerned back then in the 1970's with the danger of all-out nuclear war that we neglected to instruct users of the KFM of its advantages in a terrorist attack with few and smaller nuclear weapons.  Fear of life-threatening fallout from massive Soviet attacks carried over to exaggerated fears of all radiation, including that from terrorists' few weapons.

  In Oak Ridge National Laboratory publications to be read by the public we did not even mention hormesis, for to have done so at that time probably would have prevented my most influential book, "Nuclear War Survival Skills," from being purchased and used by government agencies to instruct civil defense professionals.

   When Hitler first bombed London the panic the bombs caused did far more damage than the bombs themselves.  After the citizens of London lost their exaggerated fears of the bombings, life went on much as normal.  And so it would be with a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S.  One nuclear bomb exploded in a U.S. city would likely be very small.  And though it could do catastrophic damage in a small area, its relative impact on the physical infrastructure of the whole United States would be extremely small.  However, because of the irrational, universal fear people have of any radioactivity, the panic that would ensue from such an attack would do far more damage than the attack itself.

   After the disintegration of the Soviet Union we should have stressed in the KFM instructions that small doses of radioactivity are hormetic, healthful because they stimulate the immune system.  This was proven in laboratories as far back as the 1920's.  With the advent of the A-bomb almost all the hormetic research stopped.  And only in the last decade has it resumed on a serious scale.

   In the KFM instructions it was assumed that no medical help would be available during and after a nuclear war.  The doses that an individual can take under those circumstances without being injured are lower than what that individual can withstand if he has medical assistance such as antibiotics, etc.  In a nuclear terrorist attack medical aid would still be available to the majority of American citizens; therefore they could withstand somewhat larger radiation doses.  This would enable them to carry on with the daily necessities of life in most areas.  If we allow irrational fear and panic to shut down trucking, communications, and vital services, the disaster will be far greater than it needs to be.

   Assembling a KFM and learning to use it before you need it will help you lose irrational fear of radioactivity.  You will not be paralyzed by panic in an emergency.  You will know how to conduct yourself in a manner that may not only save your life but also the lives of many of those around you as well.

   I urge you to study the KFM instructions now and make an instrument.  You should realize that under terrorist attack conditions the radiation doses you can receive without being incapacitated are higher than under nuclear wartime conditions.  So you can go to work, drive your truck or car, or assist others.


 Cresson H. Kearny [Signature in his handwriting]

Cresson H. Kearny [February 1999]

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